The Azerbaijan Embassy in Jordan has announced a competition for the youth in Jordan to write an article titled ‘’what do I know about Azerbaijan’’

Ten winners among universities and schools were selected to represent Jordan delegation to visit Azerbaijan for the period from 24 august – 1 September 2014.

During the visit the delegation has visited some of the historical places and monuments of Azerbaijan and several events and activities were held in term of cultural exchange and the delegation of Jordan was part of it.

 As a result of the distinguish contribution, the delegation was alsoawarded a special certificate issued by the Ministry of Youth andSport of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a recognition of their effort.

 It’s worth mentioning that all the expenses related to the trip were covered by Azerbaijani side.

 The Winners names are listed below:

  • Shahd Jamil Nimer
  • Samia Mustafa Khamees
  • Lana Khalil Ghneim
  • EsraaTharwatIshaqat
  • KhloudHazimAlzubi
  • Sarah ImadNazzal
  • Nama FuadAldahleh
  • Muamar Mohammad Alkrarha
  • Omar Mohamed Yadak
  • AlaaAmer Ali
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