A transit visa shall be issued to foreigners and stateless persons travelling to a third country to pass through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

A transit visa shall not be required for the transit passage of foreigners and stateless persons in the following cases:

  • when foreigners or stateless persons were issued other visas of Azerbaijan that enable them to cross the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • when passengers of air transport have a transit flight through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan with no plane change;
  • when foreigners or stateless persons go to the country of destination by plane with a transfer at the airport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, providing that the passengers have documents that permit them to enter the country of destination, airline tickets confirming their departure time from the airport where they landed to change a plane and duration of their stay in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall not exceed 24 hours. In this case, the passengers cannot leave the special area designated in the territory of the airport.
  • when the citizens of a country that has an agreement on visa-free regime with the Republic of Azerbaijan have a transit passage through its territory; 


Documents that are required to apply for transit visa: 

  1. An application form (must be filled in online and printed out);
  2. A passport and copy of its main page (the validity of the passport or other document for crossing the border must be at least three months longer than the expiration date of the visa);
  3. Two colour photos (3 x 4 cm, white background);
  4. Copies of the visa to travel to the country of destination (if applicable);
  5. Copies of the tickets (if available) for travel from the country of origin to the country of destination;

The state fee for a single-entry visa for citizens of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is 20 USD, and a multiple-entry visa is 350 USD. See the list of other countries;

- The state fee paid for issuing a visa, irrespective of the outcome of processing of the application, shall not be returned;

- The visa application can be submitted in person (by appointment via



  • Foreigners or stateless persons who stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan temporarily for more than 15 days shall be registered at their place of stay. For additional information, visit the following website:

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