Registration of Birth


Birth information must be submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy no later than one month after the birth of the child. In case of a stillbirth, the information should be submitted within 3 days from the day of stillbirth.

The surname of the newborn:

The newborns will take on the surname of their parents. Newborn children can not have the names of their parents as their surnames. Depending on the preferences of parents, the surnames that end with «-ov», «-yev», can take on new endings such as  «-lı», «-li», «-lu», «-lü», «-zadə», «-oğlu», «-qızı» or remove  «-ov», «-yev» endings. 

Requiered documents for registration: 

  • Form 
  • Copy of passports or identification cards (şəxsiyyət vəsiqəsi) of the parents
  • Copy of birth certificates of the parents
  • Copy of marriage certificate of the parents
  • Original document confirming the fact, time and place of birth (It should be noted in which hospital and when the child was born).
  • If it was a stillbirth, a doctor's report confirming it. 
  • In case of prescribed period of 1 month for the registration of birth has expired, reference by doctor on health of the child.

Consular fee: Free

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