To the attention of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who wish to visit the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan can obtain an electronic visa in a short period of time by visiting the link of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of this country:;jsessionid=Y3GhnDc6c1anr5BuXfUz7_NvNiRUeGdnFqJPl4hh521O_-WrFwx-!1310258042

The cost of single entry visa to Jordan to be payable by the citizens of Republic of Azerbaijan is JOD 40.00 which is approximately equal to USD 57.00 There are several types of visas: visiting, tourist, employment and business, temporary or permanent residency, etc. In order to obtain work and business visas, as well as to conduct these activities in Jordan, the applicant must receive a prior permission from an authorized agency.  

ATTENTION: Diplomatic and official visa holders:

Refering to “the Agreement between The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and The Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic and service passports” (signed on 29 july 2007The bearers of valid diplomatic and service passports of Azerbaijan as well as under age family members whose names are included in their passports may enter, stay, leave and transit through the territory of the Jordan without visa for a period of up to 90 (ninety) days. 

Those who violate visa regime (visa overstay) will have to pay a penalty fee of JOD 2.00 (approx. USD 3.00) for each day of overstay.

Permament residency and movement: In order to be able to stay in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on a permanent or temporary basis, one needs to obtain a necessary permission. Its advisabe to carry a passport when travelling within Jordan. 

Import and Export of animals: The procedure for bringing pets into Jordan:

- All dogs and cats being imported into the country will need to be accompanied by a veterinarian health and rabies inoculation certificate

- These documents must be legalized in appropriate agencies in Republic of Azerbaijan as well as at the Embassy of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Azerbaijan.

Customs regulation: The most of Jordan Customs rules and regulations are in line with widely adopted starndards in other countries.

The Address of Counsulate Department of Embassy of Republic of Azerbaijan in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:

 13 Al-Awabed street, Al-Kursi, Amman, Jordan

Telehone: (+962 6) 593 55 25, (+962 6) 593 32 31

Fax: (+962 6) 593 28 26


P.O.Box: 851894, 11185 Amman

Hours of Operation: 09:00 – 13:00

Office is Closed: Friday and Saturday



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